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18 Jun

Great Coastal Grilling….Grilled Shrimp With Fresh Tomato Cocktail Sauce

Give shrimp cocktail a seasonal, smoky upgrade with this recipe, an ideal appetizer for summer dinner parties and cookouts. The shrimp are marinated in a bright, lemon-garlic mixture that gets a kick from crushed red pepper. Make sure to pat them dry after peeling and deveining them, so they don’t water down the marinade; this also helps them achieve a nice char when they’re grilled. The cocktail sauce echoes the lemony notes from the shrimp, and features a combination of fresh tomato and smoked sun-dried tomatoes (feel free to swap in regular sun-dried tomatoes if needed). A mix of harissa, sherry vinegar, and hot sauce gives the slightly chunky sauce a nice acidic balance, too. Any leftover shrimp work nicely in a green salad, tossed with cooked orzo, or in a sandwich.

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