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24 Jun

Simple Tactic For Firing Up The Redfish Bite

We’ve all been there. You know, those days that the fish just stop biting. The fish are there, but they just won’t bite. You’ve changed baits and tried almost everything and still no action. Seeking a solution we went to Charleston South Carolina’s Captain Kevin Blair of The Charleston Fish Rod Bending Company. While we were expecting Kevin to tell us about an new lure that had just been unveiled or “never fail” scent that would attract a bite in any situation. Instead, he showed us a tactic is both simple and effective. It was actually discovered by accident rather than intensive development. Who would have thought?

While fishing the flats near Charleston, Kevin was having a hard time getting the Redfish to take the baits. No matter what he tried would work. Changing lures, speed of the retrieve would to turn the fish on. He could see them, but no bite. So then he got the idea to cut up some of the Pogeys and Menhaden from his live bait well and start throwing it towards the nearby grass. Within minutes the Redfish became active and the bite resumed. He was sure to throw what amounts to as a chum in about 3-4 feet of water to keep the Reds in a more limited target area. If that’s not enough, Kevin used his simple “split shot”rig with his remaining live bait on a 3/0 hook to float over the chum area to create a realistic presentation to the before shy Reds. Perfecto!!!!! The same tactic also works with Speckled Trout and Flounder. It’s a great way to turn the bite on and return to a great fishing day. Best of all, it’s like many of the tactics that Kevin Blair shares with us. It’s easy and best of all effective.

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